Your Newborn Baby’s Limousine (Stork’s Ride Home)

Stork's ride home - newborn baby limousine service in Phoenix - happy family

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your baby’s first car ride with your wife? Or would you rather fight traffic, find a parking place, and stare longingly at them in the back seat?

Yeah… that’s what we thought.

Top Notch Transportation proudly offers to new parents our Newborn Ride Home chauffeur service!

We will meet you at home and carry you to the birthing center to pick up the rest of your family, or we can go straight to the hospital to collect your precious cargo.

Our professional staff will treat your family with the utmost respect and patience as you prepare for your baby’s ride home. In addition, all of our drivers are safe and professional at all times.

A limousine or an SUV will give you plenty of room to bring everything home. You’d be surprised how much stuff you and your tiny baby can accumulate in just a couple of days!

You’ll have all of your baggage that you brought, and you will also have the baby’s car seat, diaper bag, blankets and bottles. You may also be bringing home flowers, balloons and door signs that loved ones give you during your stay.

A limousine will give you lots of space to bring everything home with you.

Imagine her delight if you surprise her with a limo ride home from the hospital! After giving birth to your little bundle of joy, the mother of your child would consider it an enormous treat to take a peaceful ride home in a luxurious limousine.

If you plan on having family and friends at the house to welcome you home, arriving there in a limousine is a very unique touch that will make the day even more memorable.

Plus, it will make a beautiful backdrop for some amazing photos!

And while your sweet little one won’t know the difference on that day, it will be another special detail about his or her birth that you can share with your child for years to come.

Most couples rent a limo for special occasions like proms, weddings, or maybe even a fancy party now and then.

Isn’t the arrival of your new baby yet another special occasion?

Top Notch Transportation thinks so. We would love to help you commemorate such a special time by driving your family home from the birthing center.

You won’t have the headaches that are normally associated with this momentous moment in your life. No running across the parking lot looking for your car. No worrying about when and where to meet them or whether you will keep them waiting out front. Let Top Notch handle it!

When your wife and new baby are seated comfortably and safely, we will glide through the city streets and directly to your home.

Or, if you’d rather take the scenic route, we can make a detour to pass by any special place from your past: the place you proposed or where she told you she was expecting.

We will do anything in our power to make your family’s ride home very special!

And of course, we have flexibility for you in case the stork delivers your new baby earlier or later than expected 😉

Call our acclaimed Phoenix limousine service today at 602-505-5453.