Do You Tip a Corporate Car Service? | Phoenix, AZ

The question of whether or not to tip certain service industry employees is one that comes up often. It’s awkward to ask the person directly if you should tip or not, and it’s embarrassing to be unprepared in a situation where you know you should.

Your Top Notch Transportation driver, like any other service personnel, wants to know that he or she has done an excellent job for you. You can do that through words of praise, a favorable online review, and, yes, tipping.

Gratuity is a way of thanking your chauffeur personally for the great job that he or she did during your car service. You’d tip your waiter or your hairstylist anywhere between 10 and 20 percent, so the same is appropriate for your driver.

At Top Notch Transportation, we strive to give every customer a level of customer service that is above and beyond what they’ve come to expect from a car service. And still, we have employees who step it up to an even higher level! They have made a personal commitment to the job, the client, and our company. These employees definitely deserve to know how much you appreciate their dedication!

Clients sometimes wonder what instance might warrant an additional tip. Well, think about the hassle and stress that would have come with doing the driving yourself. Also, think about the impact that your driver made on a situation. When you consider how much easier or more relaxing they made your day, you will begin to understand how appreciated a tip can be.

For example, getting to the airport or an important meeting on time are non-negotiable. When you have to be there on time, a Top Notch Transportation driver can guarantee that you will be. If you have clients that you want to impress, our drivers can help you do that, too. Any time you feel that your chauffeur had done exceedingly more than what is expressly required, this is a good indication that you should tip your driver. This includes the driver’s attitude, skill, and helpfulness.

At Top Notch Transportation, we strive to hire the best people. After all, it’s our staff, not our cars, that sets us apart from the competition! We think these hardworking men and women are worth every penny we pay them, and we are very proud when someone else notices their hard work as well!

Therefore, when you wonder, ‘Do you tip a corporate car service?’ Top Notch Transportation would like you to know that the answer to that question is always going to depend on your individual experience!

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