Chandler, Arizona Party Bus, Limo, and Other Car Services

Established in 2007, Top Notch Transportation brings a fresh perspective to professional transportation services in Chandler and the surrounding areas. Their staff comprises of experienced, stylish, and networked drivers that are adept at cruising the area’s hotspots. Whether it’s securing exclusive restaurant reservations or ensuring fast-track access to clubs, they excel in ensuring a effortless and exclusive experience through quick text communication. Beyond being a transportation company, Top Notch goes above and beyond with their all-inclusive service, offering VIP dinner reservations, table service, and expedited entry into well-known gentlemen’s clubs. Business groups benefit from stress-free airport arrivals, due to multiple standby cars for last-minute flight delays or cancellations. With a customer-first approach, an unblemished reputation, and a refined service, Top Notch continues to draw an impressive clientele, driving their ongoing growth. Their mission is to deliver stylish, secure, and reliable transportation at competitive rates, catering to various events, including golf outings, weddings, and proms. What truly makes them unique is their unwavering commitment to honesty, openness, and exceptional customer service. Furthermore, their well-informed and thoroughly-screened drivers make navigating Chandler a breeze, constantly recommending the best places customized to each client’s particular interests.

Top Notch Transportation Services in Chandler, AZ

Top Notch Transportation offers a diverse range of services to address all transportation needs. From remarkable Party Bus Rentals to elegant Limo Service and stress-free Airport Service for smooth arrivals and departures, they ensure a flawless and elegant travel experience. Their expertise spans Corporate and Executive events, offering professional transportation options. For special occasions, they excel in handling Weddings, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Homecoming, Prom, Super Bowl parties, Barrett-Jackson, and other Sporting Events. Celebrate birthdays, Sweet 16, Quinceañeras, and Anniversaries with their outstanding service for a Night on the Town or Dining in Style. They can organize transportation to Concerts, Parties, Dances, Casino Tours, Wine and Brewery Tours, Newborn Ride Home, Graduation, and Funerals, guaranteeing safe and dependable journeys for every event.

Party Bus Rentals | Chandler

Top Notch Transportation is the number one choice for experiencing the premium party bus adventure in Chandler! When it comes to enhancing your events and creating unforgettable memories, Top Notch’s party buses have it all. Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, their party buses offer a lavish and spacious environment where you and your friends can enjoy every moment of the journey. With professional and licensed drivers emphasizing your safety, you can chill and have a blast without any transportation worries. From high-quality sound systems to mood lighting, Top Notch’s party buses set the stage for a truly entertaining experience, turning your event into an extraordinary celebration. As a locally-owned business, choosing Top Notch Transportation for your party bus rental also means supporting the community. Scroll down on their website to check out photo galleries and discover the various types of party buses they offer, making sure you find the perfect one to make your event a resounding success!

Limo Service | Chandler

Top Notch Transportation’s limo service is the epitome of luxury and sophistication, ensuring an exquisite and remarkable travel experience. With their spotless fleet of the newest and finest limousines in Chandler, including Jet Sprinter Limos with capacities for 6, 9, 12, and 13 people, as well as Chrysler 300 Limo with a capacity for 12 people, they offer a level of elegance that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether you require airport transfers, corporate transportation, special event celebrations, or a night out in style, their limo service caters to all your needs with diligence and class. From effortless rides to stellar customer service, their chauffeurs are not only skilled drivers but also amiable and familiar faces, ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout your journey. With Top Notch Transportation’s limo service, you’ll enjoy a level of opulence, prestige, and splendor that will make every moment truly remarkable.

Corporate / Executive Service | Chandler

When it comes to Corporate and Executive Transportation Services in Chandler, Top Notch Transportation stands out as the go-to choice for remarkable and reliable service. With a track record of happy clients and customers recommending their services since 2007, Top Notch has earned a reputation for excellence through personal recommendations. Their commitment to providing top-notch service is evident in every aspect of their operations. From accommodating any size party, offering the newest and nicest fleet in town, to having a team of professional and dedicated chauffeurs, Top Notch ensures a seamless and personalized experience for all clients. Their punctuality motto, “If you’re on time, you’re late,” reflects their dedication to always being early and ready to serve. Whether it’s executive airport transportation or coordinating corporate events, Top Notch Transportation’s attention to detail, heart, and personalization sets them apart from the rest. When you choose Top Notch Transportation, you’re not just opting for a luxurious name, but a company with soul and a genuine commitment to making your transportation experience truly top-notch.

Airport Service | Chandler

When it comes to airport services, Top Notch Transportation offers an outstanding Meet & Greet Airport Service at Phoenix Sky Harbor or Scottsdale Airport. Their airport car and limo service have been a favorite among customers since they established their presence in the Valley in 2007. What sets their service apart is the authentic care they provide. Their drivers go above and beyond, ensuring that no passenger is left behind. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their thoroughness, ensuring that every client feels valued and delighted. Unlike taxis or other car services, Top Notch Transportation operates at a premium level of service by default. With a excellent staff and the option for a dedicated driver for repeat clients, you can always expect a capable and courteous chauffeur to greet you. The experience of riding in their sleek, sumptuous SUVs, limos, or sedans is empowering and elevating, creating a memorable journey from start to finish. Whether you need airport drop-off or pickup services, their professionalism and dedication will make your travel experience truly top-notch.

Party and Celebration Transportation | Chandler

Top Notch Transportation offers a breathtaking array of services for Party and Celebration Transportation, ensuring every event is an extraordinary experience. With their Party Bus Rentals, the party starts from the moment you step onboard, equipped with cutting-edge amenities for uninterrupted fun. For those looking to celebrate in style, Top Notch caters to Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Homecoming, Prom, and Super Bowl parties, providing a lavish and entertaining ride to your destination. Anniversaries become even more special with their excellent service, while Night on the Town and Dining in Style are enhanced to new heights with their elegant transportation options. From Parties and Dances to any other celebration, Top Notch Transportation delivers a seamless and memorable journey, ensuring every moment is brimming with excitement and joy. When it comes to Party and Celebration Transportation, Top Notch Transportation offers it all, making your special events truly outstanding.

Sports and Entertainment Events Transportation | Chandler

Top Notch Transportation offers outstanding Sports and Entertainment Events Transportation services, catering to the enthusiasts in Chandler. Whether you’re heading to a thrilling sporting event, an vibrant concert, the renowned Waste Management Phoenix Open, or the high-profile Barrett-Jackson auto auction, they have you covered with their first-rate transportation options. With their expertise in handling large groups and providing seamless logistics, you can focus solely on savoring the event without any worries about transportation or parking. Their fleet of elegant vehicles ensures a comfortable and high-class journey, setting the perfect tone for a day or night of entertainment. When you choose Top Notch Transportation for sports and entertainment events, you can expect nothing less than an exhilarating and extraordinary experience from start to finish.

Milestone Celebrations Transportation | Chandler

Top Notch Transportation excels in providing Milestone Celebrations transportation services, making every special occasion truly exceptional. Whether it’s a birthday, a Sweet 16 celebration, a Quinceañera, or a well-deserved graduation, they ensure a unforgettable and extravagant journey for all involved. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence create an vibe of joy and excitement, setting the perfect mood for these significant milestones. With a fleet of sophisticated and cozy vehicles, Top Notch ensures that the celebrants and their guests travel in style and arrive at the event with an unforgettable entrance. When it comes to milestone celebrations, Top Notch Transportation goes above and beyond to make these cherished moments even more extraordinary and memorable. The dedicated team at Top Notch takes pride in providing excellent service, ensuring that every aspect of the transportation experience is carefully planned and executed to perfection. Celebrate your milestones in imposing style with Top Notch Transportation, and forge memories that will last a lifetime.

Chandler Car Service FAQs

Can the driver see you in a limo?

Indeed, limos generally have privacy screens. And yes, your driver may not be able to see what’s going on inside the passenger area once that screen’s been raised, but it’s important to keep in mind the party that rents the vehicle after you.

Why is it called a limo?

The actual word, “limousine”, is considered to have originated from the French region of Limousin. Historians believe this is because of the resemblance between the covered portion of the vehicle and a popular style of cloak in Limousin.

How many people can fit in a limo?

Limousine sizes range enormously. The smaller ones may only be able to carry up to six passengers inside the limo while bigger limousines can have up to 18. It just depends on the size and brand of the limousine, for example, SUV’s will probably carry more passengers than other types of limousine brands.

Can a party bus take you to Vegas?

Once you decide to visit Vegas with your friends, you should consider renting a party bus. Party buses are great for people traveling as a group. Therefore, families, friends, and even couples can rent a party bus to Vegas to celebrate a birthday, casino visit, celebrate an occasion, bachelor’s party, and more.


About Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, located in Maricopa County, Arizona, is a vibrant city known for its thriving economy, family-friendly atmosphere, and diverse range of amenities. With its sunny climate and picturesque desert landscapes, Chandler offers a relaxed and inviting environment for residents and visitors alike. The city is home to a flourishing technology sector, attracting numerous high-tech companies and providing abundant job opportunities. Chandler’s downtown area is a hub of activity, with a charming mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues that cater to a variety of tastes and interests. The community takes pride in its strong sense of civic engagement, with numerous parks, recreational facilities, and community events that bring people together. From the Ocotillo Golf Club to the Desert Breeze Park, there are ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Chandler also hosts a variety of cultural festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating the city’s diverse heritage and fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity. With its welcoming atmosphere, economic prosperity, and a wide array of activities, Chandler stands as a dynamic city that continues to thrive and evolve.

Elevation: 1,214 feet

Area: 64.57 square miles

Is Chandler a great place to live? 

Yes, Chandler is generally seen as a fantastic place to live. The city consistently ranks among the top cities in the United States for its quality of life, security, and amenities. With its well-preserved neighborhoods, superb schools, and a tight-knit sense of community, Chandler offers a superior standard of living. The city also features a thriving job market, wide-ranging recreational opportunities, and a lively cultural scene. Overall, Chandler is a desirable location for individuals and families in search of a friendly and successful community to call home. 

Is Chandler safe?



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Jet Sprinter Limo

For those seeking a lavish and spacious travel experience, the Jet Sprinter Limo provides a top-of-the-line and opulent transportation option, ensuring comfort and style for every journey.

Black Executive Sprinter

For those seeking a sophisticated and upscale travel experience, the Black Executive Sprinter offers a refined and elegant transportation option, ensuring a seamless and classy journey for corporate and executive events.