Limousine Charter vs Transfer

Renting a limo: What’s the difference between a charter and a transfer?

We wanted to clear a few things up because we get a lot of questions about the difference between a charter and a transfer 🙂

And while you may know the difference between the two when it comes to airplanes and buses, there are a few rules about limousines, party buses, Sprinters, SUVs and cars that we’d love to share.


When you charter a vehicle, you hire it privately, for you, for the entire duration you need it.

It’s yours during the hours you book.

For your charter, we provide cups or glassware, as requested, plus waters and ice.

You get to leave coolers and all your belongings in the vehicle while you’re in the event.

The driver waits for you and your group the entire time.

If you give the driver a 10 minute notice, he/she will pull up to get you.


When you book a transfer, you hire a vehicle for a one-way trip. This means someone else can use it just after you or between the times you need it, if you book a pick-up and drop-off.

For example, if you book a transfer to a football game and then back from the game to your drop-off, but nothing in between, that means you’re booking two transfers.

Anyone can use our vehicle in the hours you are not using it (during your event).

Because of this… because of the possible overlapping of bookings… you are required to give us a 45-60 minute notice before pick up.

We can not guarantee a pick up time after your event, so that’s why we request a 45-60 minute notice so the vehicle can drop off its clients and head back your way.

For a transfer, we ask that you leave the bus how you found it: all trash must be taken off the bus/vehicle or thrown in a garbage bag and removed from the bus because we provide other rides in between.

For a transfer, we do not provide water, ice and cups unless requested.

So book with us today!

Whether it’s a charter or a transfer, you’ll always receive the most professional, smoothest service.

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