Sprinter Party Bus in Phoenix- interior

Our New 2015 Sprinter Party Bus Is Ready to Roll!

If you’re looking for a Party Bus in Phoenix, look no further.

For 8 years we’ve been one of the top providers of the unique and extremely invigorating experience of party buses in the Valley.

Our supply met your demand.  And we’re still at it.

Now, we’d like to introduce the all new 12 passenger 2015 Mercedes Sprinter.

Let’s take a look…

And after you take a peep, feel free to give us a call at 602-505-5453.  It’s yours for the taking.  🙂

Mercedes Sprinter party bus in Phoenix - interior

Sprinter Party Bus in Scottsdale - interior

We know you like to get down.  We all do, right!?  That’s part of the heart of our company… treating you to a truly great time, which is not only fun for you but safe, as well.  We put the “professional” in “top notch” if you catch our meaning.

Put another way: our entire goal is to cater to you and your vision of a good time.

There are lots of reasons people like party buses in Scottsdale (or anywhere). Just a few of them are…

  • To have your friends together
  • To go on a wine tour or brewery tour through Phoenix with a completely care-free attitude… no searching for cabs or calling Uber.  We’re here with you every step of the way.
  • To simply try out a party bus… maybe for the first time
  • To throw a party… like a dance, bachelor, bachelorette, or anniversary, or team, or… the list goes on
  • To dance
  • To chill
  • To feel luxurious
  • To go to Las Vegas
  • To go to Arizona casinos
  • To get somewhere else

Anyway you slice it, you’re gonna have a great time.  It’s gonna be fun.

There’s just nothing quite like renting, and riding in a party bus that’s brand new, hip, top of the line and luxurious.

Give us a buzz today to get a quote or reserve yours.

(602) 505-5453

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