Spring Training 2015 in Arizona – Car and Limo Service

It’s here again… baseball Heaven.

Every year, for an entire month, greater Phoenix and Scottsdale host 15 baseball teams for Spring Training here in Arizona. 2015 is no different.

Superior Spring Training Car Service and Transportation

We here at Top Notch love this season as much as anybody. We love baseball, and for more than 8 years we’ve been in the business of providing high quality transportation to the Phoenix area.

And so, with pleasure and pizazz, we offer you Spring Training 2015 transportation… brand new SUVs, limousines of all sorts, sedans, party buses, and coaches.

Watch all the Cactus League games you can, for the low prices of $5 to $58, worry free.

Drink all you want (whoa there… don’t pass out) and just call or text us up at (602) 505-5453 to get a smooth ride home, up the road to the next ball game, or to your next location (casino, anyone?).

Heck, those low ball game prices allow you to buy more beer and hot dogs, right? 😉

What true baseball fan doesn’t relish Scottsdale and Phoenix in the springtime? It pretty much doesn’t get any better than this.

Every day at 1 PM, and throughout the day, for a month straight, you get to watch a baseball game, casually, enjoyably.

Relish it. Make the most of it. You can feel the spring rising up within you… the sun is staying out longer, everything smells fresh and in bloom, we all start wearing fewer clothes, and just like trees have growth spurts during the spring, so do pretty much all beings, humans included.

Now is the time to live it up, to wash away winter and live with vigor and renewal. Now is the time to partake in life around you.

So it seems like the ideal time for baseball teams to train and get ready for the grueling season ahead. There’s wisdom in Spring Training.

So back to what we do… What exactly constitutes a “smooth ride,” as mentioned above, with our Top Notch service?


  • The nicest and newest fleet of vehicles in the Valley… 2014 and 2015 SUVs, limos, party buses, coaches and sedans (and even a one-of-a-kind, rebuilt Hummer limo)
  • Attractive female staff. Also friendly, helpful, trained, licensed and insured
  • On-time (meaning early) scheduling and appointment keeping
  • A meet-and-beat rate policy. We’ll match anybody’s rate in town; just let us know who claims to do it for less and we’ll beat it
  • 20% off for cash customers
  • Uber Black and Uber X provider
  • Specialized in elderly care
  • No-hassle payments
  • The owner of our company often drives you
  • Much of our business is from word of mouth (that’s how much we strive be superior)
  • and much more

We’re the best for a reason… we stake our name on it.

Call us up — you’ll be happy you did. (602) 505-5453

Did we mention we have awesome cars and great rates?

So, if you’re new here or just getting into baseball, you may be wondering who’s playing here this month.

Die hard fans, we know you know, so don’t say anything. Just book vehicle! :)

Here’s this year’s schedule, and our recommendations on how you can make their schedule your schedule.

Keep it handy:

Download the 2015 Cactus League Spring Training Baseball Schedule PDF here from our friends at CactusLeague.com. Best to print it out or bookmark the document if you want to have quick access to it.

And download this 10-page 2015 Spring Training Guide here from our buddies at ExperienceScottsdale.com

Here goes. Pull up your socks, pull down your hat, and get a fresh pack of gum… “Let’s play ball!”

There are 15 teams playing and each team practices at a particular stadium:

  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Salt River Fields at Talking Stick (Salt River / Scottsdale)
  • Chicago Cubs – Sloan Park (Mesa)
  • Cincinnati Reds – Goodyear Ballpark (Goodyear)
  • Cleveland Indians – Goodyear Ballpark (Goodyear)
  • Colorado Rockies – Salt River Fields at Talking Stick (Salt River / Scottsdale)
  • Chicago White Sox – Camelback Ranch-Glendale (Glendale)
  • Kansas City Royals – Surprise Recreation Campus (Surprise)
  • Angels Baseball – Tempe Diablo Stadium (Tempe)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers – Camelback Ranch-Glendale (Glendale)
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Maryvale Baseball Park (Phoenix)
  • Oakland A’s – Hohokam (Mesa)
  • San Diego Padres – Peoria Sports Complex (Peoria)
  • Seattle Mariners – Peoria Sports Complex (Peoria)
  • San Francisco Giants – Scottsdale Stadium (Scottsdale)
  • Texas Rangers – Surprise Recreation Campus (Surprise)

Give us a buzz (or text) to get your Spring Training car and transportation service:

(602) 505-5453

Our New 2015 Sprinter Party Bus Is Ready to Roll!

If you’re looking for a Party Bus in Phoenix, look no further.

For 8 years we’ve been one of the top providers of the unique and extremely invigorating experience of party buses in the Valley.

Our supply met your demand.  And we’re still at it.

Now, we’d like to introduce the all new 12 passenger 2015 Mercedes Sprinter.

Let’s take a look…

And after you take a peep, feel free to give us a call at 602-505-5453.  It’s yours for the taking.  :)

Mercedes Sprinter party bus in Phoenix - interior

Sprinter Party Bus in Scottsdale - interior

We know you like to get down.  We all do, right!?  That’s part of the heart of our company… treating you to a truly great time, which is not only fun for you but safe, as well.  We put the “professional” in “top notch” if you catch our meaning.

Put another way: our entire goal is to cater to you and your vision of a good time.

There are lots of reasons people like party buses in Scottsdale (or anywhere). Just a few of them are…

  • To have your friends together
  • To go on a wine tour or brewery tour through Phoenix with a completely care-free attitude… no searching for cabs or calling Uber.  We’re here with you every step of the way.
  • To simply try out a party bus… maybe for the first time
  • To throw a party… like a dance, bachelor, bachelorette, or anniversary, or team, or… the list goes on
  • To dance
  • To chill
  • To feel luxurious
  • To go to Las Vegas
  • To go to Arizona casinos
  • To get somewhere else

Anyway you slice it, you’re gonna have a great time.  It’s gonna be fun.

There’s just nothing quite like renting, and riding in a party bus that’s brand new, hip, top of the line and luxurious.

Give us a buzz today to get a quote or reserve yours.

(602) 505-5453

Now Available! New, One-of-a-Kind Hummer Limo in Phoenix

Well, it’s official… this H1 Hummer Limo is the coolest you can find in the Phoenix Valley.

It’s one-of-a-kind, has a brand new motor, and carries 18 passengers.

H1 Hummer Limo in Phoenix

What would something like this cost, you ask?

How about $10 a head? Yep, very affordable!

That’s right if you just want a one-way transfer from, say, Tempe, to Scottsdale (or anywhere to Scottsdale) it’s just $10 a person.

There’s a $150 minimum, though.  So, if there’s just six of you, it’ll be $25 a person.

Want it hourly?

If you want to be zipped around Phoenix in this H1 Hummer Limo, we only charge $150/hour, and that’s with tip and tax included.

Interior of the H1 Hummer Limo in Phoenix

H1 Hummer Limousine in Phoenix at night

See what all the rage is about!

Experience this incredible, unique luxurious limo for yourself!

Call or text us today at 602-505-5453

Our VIP Valentine’s Day Limo Service in Phoenix

Thinking about a Valentine’s Day Limousine for Your Special Someone?

Look no further!

Living up to our name, Top Notch, we offer simply the best, above the rest, most energizing, most romantic Valentine’s Day limo packages in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and beyond.

Valentine's Day limo packages Phoenix, Arizona

Whatever your heart desires on this special, Hallmark holiday, we’ll help make it shine and sparkle.

We’ll help set the mood.  We’ll help you surprise your special someone.

Of course you want it romantic… and meaningful.  This is your special someone!  And when it’s someone special, there aren’t enough days for you to celebrate her or his presence in your life.

Birthday, anniversary, “day we first met,” Valentine’s Day… all special days.  All days to celebrate.

Celebrate good times, c’mon!

And we’re experts at them all.  We’ve been doing this a while and we still haven’t seen it all.  That’s why we love your recommendations, and we love working with you to help you plan this event.

“It’s up to you.  What’s your pleasure?”

A limousine — and in this day, a luxury SUV — adds a whole world of difference to a romantic evening.

You don’t need to drive yourselves.  You can get a buzz on and stay perfectly safe.  In fact, you can even drink on the ride!

You have a professional, dedicated chauffeur from our all-female staff.

These are all external things, necessary, built-in qualities that make our business one of the best operational presences in the Phoenix Valley.

But what does it all add up to?

Nothing quite elevates the experience of a romantic or adventurous night (or day) out as much as how you feel.  It’s that intangible, “words just can’t describe it” thing that happens within us.

It’s why we seek thrills and romance, and why we love movies and adventures and great music that moves us.  It’s the feeling we get from the experience… the memories, the finer things in life… the higher vibrations.

That’s what we aim to provide: incredible, memorable, elevating feelings for you and your love.

Our services are designed to make you feel good, feel high, feel luxurious, feel loving and adventurous. And not just just our Valentine’s Day limousine service, either, but everything we do.

That’s why we’re trained in senior care, for instance.

And why we offer booster / car seats for your children.

And why we try to give you the same, familiar driver every time to make your experience more personal and welcoming.

And why we keep our fleet sparkling clean, perfectly maintained, and keep up with the nicest, newest vehicles.  Right now, we have several 2015 and 2014 vehicles for your pleasure.

So many reasons to choose us for your car service.

Try our limo service for Valentine’s Day and you’ll know, deep in your heart, that we are the go-to choice for this and any type of transportation for any event.

We have an 8 year track record to prove it, word-of mouth, testimonials, a growing dedicated clientele, and an operational philosophy of excellence.

And of course, as always, we offer a 20% discount when you pay with cash.

Call or text  for a quote or to book your Valentine’s Day service:

(602) 505-5453

Superior Super Bowl 2015 Limo Service

Our Super Bowl 2015 Limo Service Can’t Be Beat… Just Like the Winning Team!

Super Bowl 2015 limo service in Phoenix

Why can’t we be beat for Super Bowl limo service?  Our track record.

For starters, we’ve been serving Phoenix and all of Arizona for over 8 years.

Secondly, we’ve been the preferred provider of the Barrett-Jackson for three years in a row and the Waste Management Phoenix Open in 2014.

We can handle high volume and big events.  We’re fully equipped for it.

Plus, we have an attractive, professional and punctual staff of drivers.

You don’t have to deal with the traffic, the parking, the street partying, the possible raiding 😉 or having a designated driver.

You and your football friends can party before and after the Super Bowl in your very own 2015 limo, party bus, sedan, SUV, or Hummer.

Yep, brand new vehicles at your disposal.  We have the nicest, newest fleet in Phoenix.

And any size group you have, we’ll accommodate you.

You and your friends will be safe and sound, luxuriating, blissful, enjoying a night you won’t soon forget, no matter whom you’re rooting for.

Forget about Super Bowl 2015 parking…

Why not have a front row, designated drop-off and pick-up spot?

Before the game, you roll up, pre-partied we’re assuming to a designated limo/transportation area.  No searching for a spot… no pulling of the hair.  No fighting for parking.

After the game ends… you can exit the stadium fast while the rest of the attendants are jammed in traffic moving at a mile an hour or less, trying to shake off their beer buzz and/or their disappointment.

But let’s say that the limo did get stuck in the traffic congestion…

Well, you and your friends will still get to continue drinking, partying, talking, and having a relaxed, carefree time in a comfortable, luxurious atmosphere.

Doesn’t get much better than that for an event like this.

Book now before we run out of vehicles and drivers!  Don’t settle for other lower shelf limo services in the Valley.  You want the best for this yearly historic event.

Don’t forget, we offer a 20% discount when you pay with cash.

Call or text us today for a free quote or to reserve your Super Bowl transportation:

(602) 505-5453